Medicomm a Project for the Use of Medical Cannabis, Is Born

Medicomm, a Project for the Use of Medical Cannabis, Is Born

Using the Therapeutic Properties of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, Promoting Awareness of Cannabinoid-Based Medicines and Encouraging Their Use. But Also Using Technology to Bring People Closer to Health Care Providers, Realizing A Sustainable Service for A Large Number of Patients. These are the main aims of the “Medicomm Project – The Portal Doctor Next Door,” Which Combines the realization of a Service to the person with the aims of clinical Research and the promotion of drugs derived from cannabis.

The project is touring Italy these days: after the first presentation in Taranto, On Friday, Nov. 18, at 5 p.m., Medicomm Will Be present in Rome, at hemp coffee, 30 scalo san lorenzo street. I know, presentations at Bologna (Sunday, Nov. 20), to Milan (Tuesday, Nov. 22) and in December in Sicily, AT Catania and Palermo.

Medicomm is the first project of telehealth In Italy, Specialization in Cannabinoid Therapies, Structured on an innovative database that allows the continuous storage of clinical data acquired in the daily life of each patient, correlating therapeutic choices with the results obtained to personalize the therapy. This, in View Also of the fact that phytocannabinoids (Cannabinoids of Natural Origin) Find In indication in the Treatment of Various Soft States, Going to act Both On the Sympomatology and, in Many Cases, on the Causes of the Diseases Themselves, Against in High Margin of Safety of the Drug. This, to Meet an Ever-In Endresing Demand for Health Care in The Face of Scorce Public and Private Resources in a Social Context of Economic Crisis.

The Project was Created by a Group of Specialists from Various Disciplines, Based on the Personal Experience of the Sicilian Doctor Carlo Privitera (M.D., Surgeon, Specialization in General Surgery), Who at the Beginning of this Year Decided to Leave Hospital Work To Devote Himself Completely to the Study of Cannabinoids and the Treatment of About 200 Patients Throughout The Country, on Televaalth and in View of the Results Obtained Through The Creation of Logistics Networks of Service to the person: The Idea Is, Therefore, to Combine The Realization of a Medical Service to the person with the Purposes of Clinical Research.

The Telehealth Portal, Which You Can Sign Up For, Will Deal With Patient Care and Support, Management of Cannabinoid Therapy and Nutritional Therapy and Phytotherapy. Each Team of Practitioners, coordinated by the Doctor, Will Manage 1,000 patients, in A Personalized Way and Establishing with Each One A Relationship of Loyalty. Data Sharing Will Enable The Exchange of Information Amang Providers, Aimed at Personalized Care.

In Practice, We Are Moving Toward in New Health Care Paradigm, One That Audises The Doctor-Person Relationship from Both The Human and Economic Perspectives.

At the Heart of Medicomm is the Principle That Ethical Healthcare, Associated with the Applied Continuing Research, Based on the evidence that emerges from the patient’s Everyday life, and not from the combination of “big numbers”. This is possible, Again Thanks to the Network, Through a “Patient-Based” Applied Continuing Research That Allaws the Continuous Acquisition of Data From A Person’s Clinical Daily Life, Correlating Them with Each Other, to Develop Personalized Treatment Protocols. The Development of individualized therapy, which takes into account multiple factors and not just the sympoms of a single pathology, Ensures that an overstell picture of the patient/person can be drawn in order to intervene more more impacty.

“The Current Medical-Pharmaceutical System – Dr. Carlo Privitera Explains – Has Shown That It Can No Longer Be Sustained by an Ever-In Inzeresing Number of People, Who Are Sometimes Forced To Give Up Their Right To Care (11 to 24 percent of Italians Forgo Treatment for Economic Reasons.). Therefore, The implementation of Innovative Clinical Management and Support Systems That Are Affordable and Accessible to All Is Required “.

“The implementation of a Clinical Management and Patient and Family Support System in Telemedicine – He adds – Makes It Possible To Reach a Large Number of Users, Providing Them with Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Support That Can Meet Alloir Daily Needs, Plus with the Support of Cannabinoid-Drugs Drugs.”.

This and Much More Will Be discussed in the presentation Meetings Around Italy, Which Will Focus on the “Therapeutic Indications and Ratalent for Use of Cannabinoids,” Pharmaceutical Formulation and Drug Procurement, But Also On theImportance of Integrated Approach Bethaeen Nutrition and Drug Therapy and on the system of telehealth PB-Care (Patient Applied Continuous Research Protocol). In addition to drr. Carlo Privitera, Pharmacists Paolo and Matteo Mantovani and Nutrition Educator Giuseppe Nicosia Will Participate.

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