Verneuil’s Disease or HS That’s What it is and how it is treated

Verneuil Disease or HS, That &#8217s What it is and how it is treated

HS (Hydrosadenitis suppurative), Also Known As Verneuil’s Disease, is a Chronic, Noncontagious and Very Painful Disease That affects about 1% of the world’s population. Tomorrow, Thursday, May 17 There Will Be a Series of Free Dermatological Examinations and An Awareness Campaign On Hydrosadenitis suppurative in Rome.

The Condition Manifests With the Formation of Cysts and Painful Lesions in the Groin, Axillary, Perianal, Buttock, and Under-Bast Areas and, Less Frequetly, On The Scalp, Neck, Back, Face, and Abdomen. The lesions are recurrent and consist of inflamed nodules, abcsce collections, and fistlous pathways that resault permanent scarring.

HS, Besides Being Very Painful and Disbbling in Movement, CAUSES A Serious and Negative Psychological Impact in Sufferers Because It Constittes a Serious Handicap in the work, Social and Sexual Life of the Sufferer.

Verneuil’s Disease, here are the causes

The Causes of HS Are Not Yet Known But the Disease Causes Obstruction of Hair Follicles with
Consequent spread of inflammation to the “Apocrine” Glands Present in the skin folds.
In fact, often in the Early Stage of the Disease, lesions are considered ingrown hairs.

Although it can occur at any age hs normal decelops in adults with onset Around
to 20 Years of Age, and the Chance of Developing the Condition is Greater for Women Than For Men.

Some studies have shown a Hereditory Component: About One-Third of People With
Hydrosadenitis suppurative has family members with the same diagnosis. It has also been shown to
Correlation Bethaeen HS and Obesity and Smoking Habit.

Though Skin Involvement is predominant, hs is an inflammory disease that can
Associate with Other General Diseases in Which there is an alteration of the immune system such as: Arthritis,
Psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, in Severe Form, Depression, Metabolic Dysfunction.

Hs can affection differently in Mild or Severe Form. In Mild Form It Presenti with
Small Nodules or Furuncles While In Severes Cases Ascessualized Fistulas with Distchrge of pus and other foul-smelling organic material can be created, really disblining the patients’ Quality of life.

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