Mammography at what it is good to have it done

Mammography, at what age is it good to get it done

Breast Cancer is the mons Common and the One That UNFORTUNATELY LEADS TO THE MOST DEATHS IN THE FEMALE POPULATION. However, with early diagnosis it is Incursingly possible to cure it Thanks to the Screening Programs with mammograms For Women in the Recommended Age Groups.

Mammography is an x-ray examination

Mammmography is an x-ray examination that alows early visualization of lumps that are not year palpable and May be two to the presentnce of a tumor.

The screening is divided into two x-ray projects: one from the top and the other from the side, and the results are evaluated separately by Two Radiologists for Greater Accuracy in diagnosis.

Screening for Breast Cancer is Recommended for Women Bethaeen the Ages of 50 and 69 and Includes Free Mammography Every Two Years (It is precise in This Age Group, in fact, That Most Breast CANCERS are concentrated).

However, in Some Regions of Italy, Screening Involves to Broader Age Group Namely Women Aged 45 to 49, Who are invited to Undergo Mammography Every Year, and Those up to Age 74 Every Other Year.

Separate Discussion, However, Are The periodic checks That it is Advisable to start as Early as 30-35 Years of Age With An Annual Breast Ultrasound (As Well As For Women in Their 40s): This is in fact the only Examination That Can Identify, for Example, Micro-Calcifications that are Often a Telltale Sign of an Initial Cancerous lesion.

Lasthecyy, Prevention is Also very important in this circumstance, so undergoing periodic checkups is useful to “Unearth” Any cancer lesions: Therefore, women aged 30 and over the former and 50 and over for the latter are invited to undergo these checkups (breast Ultrasound or mammography).

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