Ladispoli – Risk of Closure for the Avis

Ladispoli – Risk of closure for l ’ avis

Let us Try to Explain The Conditions Under Which We Have Been Operating For So Many Years, AS Far As Our Office IS Concerned, A Non-Location in Realityà, Since We are Located in A Municipal Building on Pisa Street n.1 Where Other Realities Are Also Housedà and Activitiesà. In this facility we are stooned on stacase and landing that leads to the solarium, our few equipment and documents are triggers in this mini-space accessible to anyone as there is no door for use that delimits the space alloted to use. Let us alo add that the room, in addition to being very small in size, è dilapidated, you can see sexpage in the ceiling and d’Summer We Get Above 40 Degrees Making It Almost Impossible to Carry Out Lì The Activitiesà of secrertory work that in fact are lovely carried out at our private homes.

No less problematic is the situation of the premises Where the collection of Blood Donated Voluntarily by Citizens, Whom We Thank for Their Gesture of Altruism and Generosityà. Not Having Our Own Premises, or Premises Made Available by Other Bodies, We Currently Rely on a Private Facility That Kindly Offers Us the’Use of Their Premises. Therereò Limits Us Both in the Scheduling of the Calendar of Collection and for Possible Adjustaments of Equipment Having Precisely No Own Premises Where, for Example, We Could Invest The Savings Set Aside in Recent Years Through The 5 For Thousand Fundraising.

Currently, for Obvious Reasons, Collection Takes Place Only on Sundays.
L’Avis Ladispoli are part of the’Avis Intercommunale Roma San Pietro and the Medical Staff of the’Namesake Hospital Supports Us in This Activity byà.

We Strongly Believe, as is the case in Some Neighboring Municipalities, That Having Our Own Headquarters Where We Can Better Carry Out the’Activityà of Secretarial and Espencially adequate Blood Collection Premises (in Term of Space and Equipment) Will Be Able toà Greatly Improve Our Action by Being Able to Thusì Better Plan and Incasse Blood Collection Days For Example Even With Weekday Collection.

Lately We have seen a meaning incaventy in Donations, More 400 at the’Year, Activitiesà Very important in Favor of Those Who Need and Urgently Need Blood for Transfusions, Surgeries or Following Accidents. It would be a Real Shame If the’Avis Ladispoli would be forced to cease its acttivitiesà Through No Fault of Their Own.

We Hope That The’Municipal Administration to Meet Us So That We Canì AS Happened in Several Municipalities Bordering Ours, Which Have Their Own and Large Premises, An Example for All Cerveteri.

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