Earwax, when to go to the specialist

Cerumen, when to go to the specialist

Tea Cerumen Is a Substance Produced by the Sebaceous and Ceruminous Glands of the External Auditory Canal: If this Substance is present in the right love, it is functional in Allewing Some Moisture Into the Ear and Hindering the entry of Harmful Particles (Pathogen, Dust, Water). It can often result in earaches.

Earwax Plug is a problem

The problem arises when a Earwax Plug, A True Ear Obstuction That No Longer Allaws Earwax to Flow to the outside of the Auricle.

The Causes of the Excess Presence of Earwax Are Related To Several Factors, Such As An Excessive Amount of Water Inside the Ear, Pathologies (Such As Otitis, Inflammotory Stenosis of the External Auditory Canal), Poor or Improper Ear Hygiene Or Other Pathologies That it Will be good to investigate with your doctor.

What is certain is that an excessive present of earwax in the ear can lead to a progressive loss of ‘hearing.

You can solve the problem yourself

I know, You can solve the problem yourself, Under the Advice of One’s Pharmacist Or Doctor, Such As Using Drops or Even With A Wash To Be Done with a syringe of Water to “Shoot” Into the ear and so on.

However, If you are not sure of what you are doing or If in Any Case After These Attkes Nothing Had Been Resolved, it is good to make a visit to the specialist for the extraction of the Earwax Plug.

This is very usful when accusing:

  • Reduced Hearing:
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • vertigo
  • rumbling of one’s voice
  • Full Ear feeling of
  • Pain in the ears or temples

The Professional Will Know Which Technique is the best one to use for earwax Plug Removal.

It Usually Involves Either Insyling Ceruminolytic Drops Into the Ear to Soften the Earwax and Promotes Its Release or Introducing A Jet of Water Directly Into the Ear Canal.

The Practitioner May Also Use A Curetta, Which is a Cannula Connected with a Suction System.

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