Supplements Always Get Advice from Your Doctor or Pharmacist

Supplements, Always Get Advice from Your Doctor or Pharmacist

Your Pharmacist and Doctor Are The Best People To Recommer the Right Supplements To Take Based On Your Needs. Remember That Fruits and VegetableS Are Also a Very Rich Source of Vitamins.

In fact, although supplementments are not drugs and do not need to prescription, it is always best not to rely on dy and abuse because they can lead to collateral damage.

Supplements, If You Take Too Many of Them

According to a recent study, excessive intake of vitamin supplements can lead to tissue damage since fa-soluble vitamins would be depotted right here.

A High Dosage of Beta-Carotene, Contained in Many Yellow or Orange Foods, May Incasse The risk of Skin Cancer.

I know, if you make an inappropriate intake of supplements or abuse them (overdose), you May incur harm.

In addition, Diy Can Also Lead to a Wrong Choice and Not Bring the Desild Effects.

However, for consumer safety, dietary supplements are defined by the Directive 2002/46/EC, Implemented by Legislative Decree May 21, 2004, no. 169, as “Food Products intended to supplement The Common Diet and Which Constitute at Conetted Source of Nutrients, Such As Vitamins and Minerals, Or Other Substances Having a Nutritional Or Physiological Effect, in Particle, But Not Exclusively, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Fiber, and and Extracts of plants Origin, WHERHER MON-OR PLURICOMPOUREDED, in Predosed Forms“.

When you take a Supplement, Therefore, You Should Not Think That You Have Solved All Your Problems Because They Must Be Taken As Part of A Regimen of Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle.

Therefore, Before consuming Supplements, It Is Always Best To Consult Your Doctor or Pharmacist.

And in Any Case, Do Not Take Them for Too Long and, in The Same Way As Medications, Pay Attention to Any Allergies or Intolerances and How To Use and Store Containers.

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