Supplements Why Do-It-Yourself is Dangerous

Supplements, Why diy is dangerous

THINKING that Taking Supplements Can’t Hurt Is Wrong: DIY IS ABSOLUTELY TO BE AVOIDED. We Also Recall that of the ’Intake of Fruits and Vegetables GREATLY INCREASTES THE BODY &#8217S Vitamin Intake.

A Physician Must Be Consultted

It is necessary to consul a doctor before taking supplements because the risk of abusing them, with perhaps eventive it, can be very high.

Many Supplements, in fact, can make interaction with any medications you are taking or drug therapies you are followed or, if taken in excessive amauts, lead to contraindications, eventi serious ones.

In addition, even non-Quhality Supplements can be harmful, so it is necessary to be aware of the ingredients they contain.

Just to Avoid The Risks of Diy, The Ministry of Health has released in Decalogue in Reference to Supplements:

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