Infertility for 50% of Women and 15% of men is the Most Serious Event in Their Lives

Infertility, for 50% of Women and 15% of Men Is the Most Serious Event in Their Lives

Infertility has a Huge Emotional Impact on People’s Experience Accompanied by a deep sense of guilt and denial. According to A Study Published in the Hasting Center Report, 50% of Women and 15% of Men Consider Infertility The Most Serious Event in Their Lives 1 . Infertile Women in Particular present at Psychological Picture Overlapping with patients with diseases such as cancer.

“The Difficulty or Inability to Generate IS Experienced as Taboo. UNLIKE Other Diseases, In Infertility One Becomes a ‘Patient’ Only at the Moment One Desires a Child. Without Desire, One Remains Fertile, Even If Medicalyry Infertile. Difficulties in Achieve the Desire for Motherhood/Pateternity Are Experiences with Guilt, Pain, Frustration, Envy, Emotions that are Difficault to Communicate, She Clarifies Cristina Cenci, Anthropologist, Founder of the Center for Digital Health Humanities. Digital Space Often Allaws a Way Out of Lonelyss, Offers Anonymous Intimacy That Facilitites The Expression and Sharing of the Experience of Infertility.

Out of this Need, with the non-conditional support of ibsa pma, comes ‘fertile words’ (www.Wordsfertile.EN), A New Storytelling Project, Dedicated to Sharing Stories About the Search for A Child. An online space in Which to Tell One’s Story Without Filters, Open To All Stories, Even the Most Difficult One, Even Those of Childless People Looking For Other Ways To Reinvent Themselves fertile. Many Women Write, But Many More Are Those Who Read the Stories of Others. Currently Amag Our Stories The Great Absentee is the man, traved in a silence that stems from Denial of Failure, which of Alsten Alo Leads to Denial of Diagnosis.

The Challenge Posed by the Stories Published So Far is to transform pma into a more personalized and less artificial pathway. TODAY IT IS Indeed Experience with a Sense of Great estrangement and much suffering, eventu when the outcome is positive.”.

Infertility is a Real Disease Recognized in 2013 by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as Such Recognized is the Universal Right to Access Care Regardless of Race, Nationality, or Religion. Right to Family Which is Also Enshrined in Art. 31 of our Constitution.

“Since 2004, When Law 40 was enacted, Many Steps Forward Have Been Taken in Our Country, and TODAY There are many Facilities that can offer Increationly Complex and Technologically Advanced Therapies, Explains Andrea Borini, President of the Italian Fertility and Sterility Society, Sifesta and Mr, and with the entry of medically assisted procreation (map) Into the leas, infertility is recognized for all intents and purifies as a disease. Age Limits and Number of Attkes (PMA Cycles), However, Are To Date Dealt With Only in Terms of Resource Allocation and Health Policy Choices. The Ssn Places Limits On Pma Services, But Clinical Experience Tells Ullls Us That What Did Not Happen in 3 Cycles Can Happen in Subsequent Ones and, Obviously, More Attkes Corpsont to Greater Chances of Next.

Studies that led to limiting pma cycles to three have been refuted by other literature date (Nice 2013). The Couple, Should Be Given The Opportunities to Try Different Protocols and Different Therapies, to Incasse Motivation to Repeat Pma Cycles, Borini Fincoes.”.

But it also highlights another, even more insidious obstacle: fear, stress, and being compared with their difficulties each time leads nearly 50 percent of couples to abandon the medically assist. It is a behavior observed in Several Countries and that is leading the major scientific societies, The Eshre European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, The Astm, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, to Study Corrective Factors to improve patients ’ Adherence to Treatment.

“Reproductive Difficulty Has Many Facets: Hormonal, Mechanical, Infectious and Immune. There is no woman’s or man’s fertility, unless there is very Severe Pathology, There is coupe infertility, States Rossella Nappi, Associate Professor University of Pavia and Head of the Center for Medically Assisted Reproductive Research at the San Matteo Obtetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Pavia, Italy. To date, infertility therapies are incomeingly personalized. Hormones, So often Demonized and Wrongly Associated With Negative Health Consequences Certainly do not Cause Cancer But, in Some Cases Even Prevent it.

2 Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA) is to Sensitive Area, and Women’s Demand is Increationly for Effective Products That Are Both Natural and Well-Tolerated.

The Ibsa Pma Project Aims To Promotte a New Generation of Human-Derived Hormone That Closel Resemble Naturally Produced Molecular Species. Examples includes Piedyris┬«, A Drug Used for Lutheal Phase Supplementation in Medically Assisted Procreation and Egg Donation Cycles, AS Well As Gonadotropins, Used in Ovarian Stimulation, Which Mimic The Physiological Pattern of Follicular Recruitment “.

“In Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA), The Central Role of the Male Should Not Be Forgotten, Which is of Too Misunderstood and Perhaps Herce the Origin of the Lack of” Word “; Often the Male of the Couple is “ Crushed & #8221; By the Preminadrance of the female Role, and the attentions it has with the parental project, which Shound Still Remain of Both Partners and Not Only an Expression of the faire Sex. In this Sense, The Male, in fact, is alo a key player in the Pma Pathway, deserving of a careful diagnostic evaluation, and a possible appropriate therapy, Therein including in specific cases in Hormonal supplementation, capable of Incursing event considering the chances of Next, explains Andrea Salonia, Associate Professor of Urology, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Division of Experimental Oncology, Unit of Urology, Uri-Urological Research Institute, IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital. Some Extractive Follicle-Stimulating Hormones Used for the Induction of Spermatogenesis in Combination With Human Chorionic Gonadotropin have Indeed Achieved Excellent Results “.

“In 2014 Alone, There Were 70 Couples Who Resorted to Pma Techniques.826 for a total of 16.041 Pregnancies and 12.720 Children Born, States Giulia Scaravelli, Gynecologist, Head of the National Registry of Medically Assisted Procreation of the Superior Institute of Health and Member of the European Registry Executive (EIM). The Registry Censuses Facilities Authorized to Apply Pma Pma Techniques, Collects Data Annually On Treatment Cycles performed, Pregnancies Achieved and Children Born, and Outlines The Epidemiological Picture of Their Effectcy and Safety. In Italy, Access to the Techniques and Their Supply Have Improved Over the Years, I know Much So That 2.5 percent of Children Born in Italy Are Born Through the Application of Pma Techniques and That the Supply of Cycles for Million Inhabitants is comparable to that of Europe (1.102 in Italy vs. 1.253 in Europe).

The world element is the progressive inclusive in The Averal Age of Women Who Use Pma Techniques, from 35.3 years in 2005 to 36.7 in 2014. The Data Collected Also Show That Recourse to Pma at an earlier Age Leads To A Higher Next Rate “.

“For Reasons Related to Soci-Culturaral and Economic Changes, There is a continuous decline in Births, 12.000 Fewer Than in 2013 Confirms Alessandro Solipaca, National Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. Over 700.000 Couples in Our Country Are affected by Infertility 3 . A Further decline in Births IS Expected In the Future Due to the fact that the female population Resource Bethaeen the Ages of 15 and 30 is, in Absolute Terms, A Little More That Half of That Bethaeen 30 and 49, in Other Words, in Perspective There Will Be Feer Women of Childbearing Age with the prospect of a country destined to “age” more and more “.

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