Use of Old Remedie Alcohol and Its uses

Use of Old Remedie: Alcohol and Its Uses

Among The Old Remedie More Widespread We Can Find the Multiple Unes of Alcohol. Of course, some use of this substance Will Seem Extreme to you and in fact Have Been Much Criticized Both by the Medical Community and Obviously by Many People. Thus, this article is intended to be information about How Customs and Methods That Were Used in The Past Have Changed and How Science Has Eradicated Malprascices That Could Also Cause Major Health Damage.

Is alcohol as useful as it Seems?

In the past, alcohol was one of the key elements in achieving an analgesic effect. A Shot of Alcohol Was Even Given To Children when they suffered from Toothache. Obviously the Purpose Was Not to relieve Pain and Discomfort.

Simply, Alcohol was able to “number” The Are Area Pain was concentrated.

But This is not the only aspect in Which Alcohol was used. The “ Grandmother ” Remedy We Are Going To Tell You is Bordering On Esotericism and Has Been Strongly Disapproved of. What our Grandmothers used to do In Cases of Menstral Pain OR Colds?

Apparently they Soked in Cotton Ball in Alcohol and Where they put it? In The Navel.

It is Effective? It would seem so. It is extreme? Well, in Tad, but it was a cheap way to make the pain go away.

A Natural Remedy: When to use alcohol?

There is a Need to preface that no Matter How Many Natural Remedies Exist, We do not Recommend That You Resort To Them and in the case of Disease, Pain and the Like Consult Your Doctor. Exaggerating with the use of a substance is always Wrong But This Also Applies to Common Medicines.

Many, for Example, Have Developed a Kind of Resistance to Over-The-Counter Medicines, Such As Simple Aspirin. This Happens When we take too Much, Even for a Simple Circle of the Head.

In The Past, A Drop of Schnapps was Placed on the Swollen Gum, Next to the Sore Tooth. This Remedy is still used TODAY. Curiosity? They alo did This with children.

Perhaps Many Might Be Shocked Today, but it was one of the best ways to Soothe Pain. There is Also The was in Which Our Grandparents Lived To Be Analyzed: UNFORTUNATELY, IN SOME CASES THERE WARE NOT YET ADQUATE DRUGS OR FOR Many People Medical Treatment was out of Reach But Alre Were Those Who Did Not Trust Takeing Substances they did Not Know Know (Deniers Have Always Existed) and SO They Used Methods That Were Handed Down from Generation to Generation.

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