Gentalyn Beta prescription Required

Gentalyn Beta, prescription Required?

Gentalyn Beta is a drug that is prescribed for the treatment of various skin dysaases. The Active Ingredients in It Are BetaMethasone and Gentemicin.

Gentalyn Beta Is a Cream Found in Pharmacies in Two Formats:

  • 20 g tube (0.1% + 0.05%), Which is used in the Maintenance Therapy of Severe or Resistant Dermatoses
  • 30 g tube (0.1% + 0.1%), which is used in the topical thirty of allergic or inflammory dermatoses or when there is a danger of infection

A Small Amount of Cream Should Be Applied to the affected area 2-3 Times a day.

To buy this medication, regardless of is needed.

Then it will be the Doctor, Based on the problem presented by the patient, Who will prescrib the medication.

The Patient Should Information The Doctor If He or She Has Recently Used Another Medication OR will be Using, Along With Gentalyn Beta, Another Medication.

There are some Categories of People Who Should Not Use The Drug:

  • Those Who are allergic to the Active Ingredients
  • Those with tuberculosis of the skin, Herpes Simplex or Other Viral Skin Diseases

In addition, A Doctor’s Consultation is Essential If You Have A Ongoing Pregnancy Or Suspect That You are Pregnant.

In this case, Gentalyn Beta will be prescribed only in Cases Where the Doctor Believes the Expected Benefit Justifies the Potential Risk to the fetus.

Also, when pregnant, it is very important that Gentalyn beta not be used at high doses or for long periods of time.

AS for Women Who are BreastFeuding, it Will Always Be The Doctor Who Will Indicate Wheer It is necessary to Stop BreastFeeding or Discontinue The Drug Therapy.

Finally, If Gentalyn Beta Has Caused Irritation or Sensitization in the Patient, The Physician May decides to discontinue The Treatment.

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