Sunstroke What are the sympoms

Sunstroke, What are the sympoms

Tea Sunstroke or Sunstroke Is two to prolonged and excessive exposure of the body to the sun.

Syptoms of Sunstroke are:

  • Appearance of blisters and erythema
  • Reddened Eyes with Tearing
  • Hot skin to touch
  • fever
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sense of Heaviness of the Head and Stiffness of the Neck
  • Confusional State

Surface First-or Second-Degree Burns on the Skin or Head May Also Be Associated With This Condition (Espencially in People With Very Fair Skin).

In Order Not to Get Sunstroke, it is necessary to Avoid Staying in the Sun and Take Shelter in A Cool Place (an Umbrella is not wise enaugh an enoud you are at the Beach Because the Rays Filter Through This and the temperatures is high anyway).

Best To Move to the Café or Go Home During Warmer Hours

Moisturize by Drinking Water and Always Protect Yourself by Using Sunscreen at Least Every Two Hours; Also, Cool the Body with Cold Wraps Or Ice, Which Shound Be Placed on the Temple, Wrists, And Sides of the Neck.

However, Sunstroke Can Also Be Caught In The Mountains Because the Sun Rays here are Also Very Strong and the Temperatures Very High, So Always Use The Same Preco -Roosi that you would also use at the Seaside.

Even in the City, it is Advisable to Protect Yourself With Sunscreen, Wear a Cap or Bandana and Sunglasses When Precisely the temperatures are very high; Always Carry Water Behind As Well So You Can Make Up For Fluids Lost Through Sweat.

Sunburn is not alarming, Espencially Since It often Regresses On Its Own and Without Complications; Only Sunburn May Take Longer.

Only If the Sympoms Almedey Styx To Be Critical and, For Example, Confusion Persists or There is fever and Headache That Does Not Pass, Loss of Consciousness, and so on, it would be advisable to Consult the Doctor or Even Contact 118 for Hospitalization in Order to Best Treat the situation.

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