Elisa D Ospina curvy model Lemme Diet He an Improvised Guru His Diet Has No Averal Studies

Elisa d ’ Ospina, curvy model: “ lemme diet? He an improvalous guru, his diet has no medical studies ”

Beware of the Lemme Diet, At Least Until Scientific Studies Officially disprove Its ’ Possible Harmfulness. Elisa d ’ Opsina, Italy &#8217S Most Famous Curvy Model and One of the Best-Known on the Planet, Spoke This Morning at the Microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, The Station of the University of Niccolò Cusano, During ECG, The Program Hosted by Roberto Arduini

Elisa d ’ Ospina Returned to an articles She Wrote for Il Fatto Quotidiano on ‘Lemme diet ’: “ IT All Started in 2010, when the ministry of Health Made Me The Health Testimonial on Verona, and since 2008 I have Been Participating in Campaigs Against Pro-Ana and Pro-Site Sites. I Have Been Going Around Schools for 10 Years Also Doing Prevention. I Have Been Involution in This for A Long Time.

Dr. Lemme i have Been Following Him in Particular for a Year and a Half Because like Any Improvised Guru in the world of nutrition he creates curiosity in me. People Flock to these Characters, Espencially at this time, When the Infamous Dress Rehearsal is approaching, as Ifinter We Could Become Square ”.

More Elisa d ’ Ospina on the lemme diet: “ The Thing That Has Been Bothering Me About Alberico Lemme is That Lately He Has Been Improvising Himself As a guru for the little one, use the medium of television to talk to minors. His Diet Has No Underlying Medical Studies, and People Do Not Undersand This. Many Doctors Say That its Diet in Addition to Ruing Our Metabolism Can Also Be Harmful To. In the lemme diet, quantity is not taken into account; If One Wants to Eat a Pound and a Half of Meat, One Can do SO.

This Clearly Has Raised Alarm Bells in Various Nutritionists ’ S Minds. If An Adult Wants to Try This Diet Do So, But Why Put One’s Children Or Children Through a Diet That Has Never Been Verified?”

Elisa d ’ Ospina, Beyond the Diet Proposed by Alberico Lemme, Criticizes The World of Information ’ S: “ The problem is This Kind of Misinformation That There ’ S in the world of nutrition. Everything and the opposite of Everything is said, So People are bewilded. Then Along Comes a Situational Lemme Who is persuasive, in His Own Way He Can Be Be Sympathetic, He Attracts, Maybe People See That Someone Following His Diet Has Lost A Few Pounds and they jump on these Things.

Don &#8217T do it Until Scientific Studies determines that his is fine ”.

More Elisa d ’ Ospina on the ’ Nutrition of the very Young: “ Actually Going to the Schools It Becomes Clear That the Boys ’ Obsession More Than the Media is given by the parents. I Happened to Meet Normal-Weight, Beautiful Girls Who Cried Because they were told at home by their father or Mother That they have to lose weight. Parents are the Double-edd Sword That We Swir Have at Our Dysposal.

So manys Times I Feel Silly Talking to Kids Who are extremely Smarter Than The People They have at Home ”.

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