Rheumatic Diseases on May 11 free screening at the de Lellis

Rheumatic Diseases, Free Screening At De Lellis On May 11

On May 11, on the occasion of Mother's Day, The ASL of Rieti is organizing an open day dedicated to Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases. Free Screenings At De Lellis and Informative Aphertteroon at Varrone Auditorium.

Thanks to the contribution of wave, The National Observatory on Women's Health and Gender, The Rieti Local Health Authority, on the occasion of Mother's Day, is promoting an (h) Open day dedicated to Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases.

During the day on May 11, The Medical and Nursing Staff of the Local Health Authority Will Offer Free Clinical-Diagnostic and Information Services dedicated to Women.

Rheumatic Diseases, Often of Autoimmune Origin

Rheumatic Diseases, Which in Most Cases Autoimmune in Origin, causes disorders
Borne by the musculoskeletal system and in general by the connective tissues of the body. They repress
an Extremely Heterogeneous Group of Diseases and Present With Different Expression and Severity,
affucting more than 3.5 Million Italian Women. In addition, they often debut at a Young Age, Impacting the
Quality of Life, Reproductive Health and Family Planning.

The Goal of the Day Will Be to Promotte Awareness and Correct Information As Well As the
Prevention, Diagnosis and Access to Specialized Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pathways dedicated to Diseases
Autoimmune rheumatic. De 'Lellis Hospital: The Morning Will Be Dedicated to Screening For Diseases
Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases Through Interviews, Medical Consultations and Instrumental Examinations Such As
Heel Ultrasonography and Video Capilaroscopy. Varrone Auditorium: in The Afterland Hours, From
5 to 6 p.m., A meeting open to the population will be help at the varrone auditorium to
Discuss Infertility Issues in Autoimmune Diseases


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