Sunstroke What to do

Sunburn, What to do?

Sunstroke is an unfortunately very common condition in the Summertime. Commonly Referred to as “Sunstroke,” Which is a series of complaints that occhur after prolonged Sun Exposure of the Entire Body But Espencial the Head.

Surface First-or Second-Degree Burns On The Skin Or Head (Espencially in People With Very Fair Skin) May Also BE Assocated With This Condition.

Although Many People Might Think That From Sunstroke One is affected Only at the Seaside, This is not so: it can Also Happen in the Mountains Because the Sun’s Iraration is here very intense.

Syptoms of Sunstroke are:

  • Appearance of blisters and erythema
  • Reddened Eyes with Tearing
  • Skin Warm to the touch
  • fever
  • Sense of Heaviness in the Head and Stiffness in the Neck
  • Confusional State

What to do in this circumstance?

SURELY The First Thing to do is to Move to A Cool, Airy Place and assumes comfortable position (Lying supine, with legs slightly raised to promote venous Return to the heart).

Then, Hydrate by Drinking Plain Water and Cool The Body With Wraps Or Ice, Which Shound Be Placed on the Temple, Wests And Sides of the Neck.

If Recognized and Treated Right Away, Sunstroke Will Regress On Its Own and Without Complications, but it May Instead Take Longer For Sunburns That Also Need More Attention, e.g., it would be important to Apply Creams, Lotions or Milks and So on.

In Any Case, If After Sunstroke The Symptoms Do Not Improve Within a short time and the situation event confusional Shound Worsen, it would be best to see medical attention.

If the Symptoms Become Even More Severe, Hospitalization by contacting 118 and ambulance interventions will be preferred.

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