Conference on ‘Functional Foods’ The Food of the Near Future

Conference on ‘Functional Foods,’ The Food of the Near Future

On Wednesday, June 28 at the Castle of Fondi The Meeting on ‘Food That Heals’ Conceived by the Innovative Start-up “Dom Terry International,” A leader in the Field

“Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food”: This enlightening sentence still valid totaday was uted by hippocrates, the “father” of medicine, a good 2,500 years ago. In a few years, the earth will be populated by 9 Billion People, so it will be necessary. To Address This Incased Demand for Nutrition, More and More in Recent Times Work is being Done on So-Salled “Functional Foods”. In this Regard, Fondi Will Host On Wednesday, June 28, Act 6 P.m.30 A conference entitled “Food That Heals,” Sponsored by the Innovative Startup “Dom Terry International” Born in the City of Europe’s Second Largest Fruit and Vegetable Market from the Research of dr. Domenico Terenzio.

The Initiative Enjoys the Patronage of the Municipal of Fondi and Will Also Be at least Dr. Salvatore de Meo, Who will sit at the speakers’ table at Caetani Castle Along with the prof. Bruno Fornaro, Multi-Specialist Physician and Professor at the University of Riga (Latvia), and at the Dr.SSA Chiara Parisella, Graduate Student in Biological Sciences.

According to the Commission’s Concerted Action On Functional Food Science in Europe (Fufose), A Functional Food is “a food that has a beneficiary effect on one or more function in the body, Beyond Its Nutritional Effects, in Manner Relevant to the Improvement of Health and Well-Boing and/Or To Reducing the risk of Disease. It is consumed as part of a normal dietary regimen. It is not a pill, to capsules or any form of dietary supplement.”. No fear, then, it is Simply a Matter of Taking a “peek” at How and what we will be eating from here to the Next Few Years.

“If We Want To Use A Scientific Definition,” Explains Domenico Terenzio, CEO Dom Terry International – Functional Foods are Characterized by Additional Effects two to the present of Naturally Present or Author components that Selectively Interact With One Or More Physiological Functions of the Body (Biomodulation), Leading to positive impacts on Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention. With our know-how We Target The International Functional Food Market Typical of the made in Italy and to the Production of the Same (Bakery Products, Dairy Products, Beer, Confectionery Products, Italian Espresso) to Optimize Their Characteristics and Functionality Through the Use of Our Natural Prebiotic-Antoxidant Complexes, Covered by International Patent.”.

It is no coincide that the subtitle of the conference specific that “The Importance of Functional Foods and Dietary Supplments” Will be discussed, Which will be followed by a tasting of Functional Foods, Precisely So that Those Who Want To Can Taste for Themselves the Qualities of Such Foods.

Dom Terry International Ltd, Headquartered in Milan, Italy. in via montenapoleone n. 8, is a Young and Dynamic Company, Registered in the Secation of Innovative Start-Ups, at the CCIAA OF MILAN, HIGHLY SPECIALZED in Scientific Research in The Fields of Anti-Aging Supplements For Food, Nutraceuticals for Its Human and Pet, Technological Cosmetics With Unique Know-How and Eco-Sustainable and Organic Fertilizers for a Rational and Responsible Agriculture.

The Company Relies on the Scientific Support of A Team of Experts in the Biotechnological, Medical and Nutritional Fields with coming Experience and Expertise. Research is Constantly Carried Out at Universities and Research Centers of Excellence, in Italy and Abroad.

Productions are carried out at production facilities Equipped with State-Of-The-Art Technology and High Scientific Support. The Choice of Formulations is the result of Many Years of Research and Experimentation in Laboratories and Industrial Facilities. Careful is the selection of Raw Materials, Which Are Chosen, Internationally, After Rigorous Testing in Laboratories and Pilot Plants.

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