Civitavecchia – Flu vaccination for free offer

Civitavecchia – Flu vaccination for 2015/2016, free offer

Influenza is a disease caused by influenza viruses, electively affecting the respiratory tract. The infection is mainly transmitted through saliva droplets emitted by coughing, sneezing or even simply talking.

Influenza viruses spread more easily in crowded environments but can also persist for some time in the environment and can contaminate objects and surfaces.

For these reasons, a good hand hygiene e Cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing represent simple-to-take precautions that are effective in helping to prevent the spread of the disease.

These simple precautions can in no way replace the vaccination.

Usually the illness lasts about a week and resolves with recovery. In some cases, complications can occur caused, for example, by bacterial infections (especially pneumonia), dehydration and especially worsening of pre-existing illness (e.g. chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, etc…).

Influenza is a major public health problem because of its wide spread, contagiousness, and possible serious complications; it is a frequent cause of medical consultation and hospitalization, work and school absences, and high consumption of symptomatic drugs. There is an increase in overall mortality during seasonal epidemics.

The marked tendency of influenza viruses to vary over time contributes to recurrent epidemics in the population annually.

The Regular vaccination of the elderly and those at risk constitutes the best strategy to counter these outbreaks and reduce their consequences in those most susceptible to serious complications.

ASL RMF for influenza, is organizing, as every year, activities that will begin in late October and end in late December.

Vaccination is carried out by your own physician or at company clinics where, however, it must be booked (detailed directions follow)

Influenza vaccination is effective and safe as amply demonstrated by both the experience of years and years of regular use and all the controls that are carried out by the agencies in charge.

In addition to those at risk for health reasons, vaccination is also recommended and administered free of charge to workers in the essential services (detailed list follows).

Starting this year, it is also possible to perform free Anti-pneumococcal vaccination, limited to people 65, 70 and 75 years old. This vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective in preventing invasive diseases (septicemia) and pneumonia in the elderly and ill. This is the same vaccine administered in pediatric age for years at ASL vaccine clinics.

In the adult/elderly it should be given only once in a lifetime as opposed to the flu shot, which is given annually. Again, the recommendation is to perform this vaccination quietly in order to prevent, for the future, even serious diseases and complications.

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