MIODOCATORE AWARDS 2018 AMONG the 19 Winning Doctors Almost Half Come from Lazio

Myodore Awards 2018: Among the 19 Winning Doctors, Almost Half Come from Lazio

Mydoctor – The World’s Leading Platform Specialization in Online Booking of Medical Visits and Part of the Docplanner Group – AnnoUns the Winners of the First Italian Edition of the Myodottore Awards, The Awards Almedy Celebrated in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile Under the Name Doctoralia Awards, Which Enhance and Recognize The Quality of the Work of Affiliated Professionals.

MydoCtor Awards 2018 Finalists

The ’ Initiative is the Only One of Its Kind That Celebrates The Professionalism, Passion and Dedication of Health Experts by Combining The Judgs of Both Patients and Fellow Physicians with the Same Specialty.
The Italian Edition Sees 19 Winning Specialists Recognized as deriving in the Respective Specialty Categories Surveyed: Andrology and Urology, Cardiology, General Surgery and Proctology, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry and Orthodontics, Dermatology,
Endocrinology, Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Physiotherapy, Gynecology, Cosmetic Medicine, Neurosurgery,
Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Finally Psychology.

The region with the mons,
With Almost Half (42 percent) of the Professionals Awarded in this edition of the myodottore Awards:
Work Mostly in the capital, are in fact seven experts on rome and one in Viterbo.
Lombardy and Piedmont Follow, Regions that count Four and Three Doctors, Respectively, Among the Most Highly Regarded by Colleagues and Patients and Who Practice Mostly in Their Respective Capitals: Two Specialists in Milan and Two in Turin and the Remaining Awardes from Varese, Vermezzo and Alessandria.

Almost a Third of the winning doctors are female specialists

Nearly One-Third of the Winning Physicians are female specialists (32 percent) Who like from Rome (50 percent),
from Lombardy, Particularly with Two Specialists from Milan and Varese, Respectively, and from Emilia Romagna with a Doctor from Santarcangelo di Romagna. The Six Award-Winning Experts Work in The Fields of General Surgery and Proctology, Dermatology,
Endocrinology, Otolaryngology, Psychology and Cosmetic Medicine.

“ We are very full pleasd with the subsequent of this First Edition of the myodottore Awards and with the ’ Enthusiasm with Which patients and specialists have contributed to enhance and give voice to the many Italian excellences in the field of Health.
The Award-Winning Professionals EMBODY THE VALUES RECUGNIZED AS FUNDAMENTAL IN THE ’ Practice of the Medical Profession in the Present Day, Who Have Understood the Importance of the Internet for the Evolution of Their Profession and Who Have Found in myodottore The Ideal Platform to Achieve This Step Change Into the Future and to be Even Closer to Patient, “Comments Luca Puccioni, CEO of myodottore.

The Selection and Criteria

The Criteria for Selecting The Winners Took Into Account, in the First Phase of the Initiative, of Opinion of the patients: in fact, nominees for the myodottore Awards Were nominated based on the number and quality of rats obtained.
Otherwise, The Subsequent Voting Phase SAW Professionals Belonging to the Same Specialty Categories Called Upon to Judge the nominated Colleagues According to Elements Such As Professionalism, Experience and Professional resumes –
Strengthened by a Medical Professional’s Own Expertise. Finally, The Decisive Selection,
Took into account the total number of positive opinions collected from users, reviews from fellow residents, and the Specialist’s contribution to the resolution of doubts or questions Within The “ Ask the Doctor &#8221 Section;.

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