Milk Intolerance what alternatives are there

Milk Intolerance, what alternatives are there

One of the Untouchable Habits of Many Italians is Breakfast With Milk and Cookies or Cappuccino and Croissant. Incuasingly, However, We Are Hearing About Milk and Dairy Intolerance.

But what IF Lactose Intolerance occurs?

Those Who Can No Longer Drink Cow’s Milk, What alternatives can you opt for? These Days they are beacoming Increationly Popular Plant-Based Alternatives, Equally Tasty, Which Will Not Make You Regret “Regular” Milk And Which Obviously contains no lacthose or gluten.

  • Rice Milk: It is a milk with a “dilute” consistentcy and a delicate, sweet aroma. Ideal for Breakfast in the Morning for Dunking Cookies, As You May Have Alnedey Used to do.
  • Almond Milk, This, Too, has a pronounced Sweet Taste of Almond, Obviously. It has a creamy consistentcy and can also be used to make many desserts (it is very famous for making sicilian granita). At home, you can use it to Thicken and prepare Milkshakes, Milkshakes, Custards and Puddings.
  • The Coconut Milk, Is Also Very Tasty and Creamy in texture. It Can Also Be Cooked And Therefore Lends Itself Not Only to Drinking At Breakfast or Whenever You Want, But Also to preparing Savory Dishes Such As Indian Curies or To Thicken Soups and Sauces That Will Immediate Acquire An Exotic Taste.
  • Soy Milk, Alternative Popular Popular, Featuring A Bean AfterTaste Buttete Not invasive. Not Everyone Can Drink It Because Soy is an allergen, So Before Consuming it tenant or at Least Do Not Overdo The Amount Inguested. It can also be used to make creams and puddings or other desserts.

Having ascertained that there are many alternatives to cow’s milk, the advice before buying a Certain Product Is Always To Read the Labels Precisely to Check For the present of a Given Ingredient to Which you may be allergic or Intolerant.

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