Formia – Fighting Breast Cancer, Pink Lights on Tulliola’s Grave

Formia – Fighting Breast Cancer, Pink Lights on Tulliola’s Grave

View from the Heights of Acerbara Has Attracted the Attention of Many. That Pink-Lit Stone Monument is the tomb of Tulliola, Cicero’s Favorite Daughter Who Dacci At a Young Age. With This Initiative, The City of Formia Has Joined the Worldwide Campaign “Pink Ribbon 2015,” Promoted by Lilt (Italian League for the Fight Against Temors National) to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer. International Personalities from the Worlds of Culture, Politics, Sports As Well As Schools, Associations and Millions of Citizens Offered Their Support to the Campaign.

Thousands of cities Around the World Lit Up Pink Buildings, Monuments, Landscapes, Fountains, Squares to Remind Everyone How Decisive Prevention is in Fighing This Terrible Disease.

Tulliola’s tomb will be enlightened through the month as a reminder of How Decisive Public Information is in Promoting Effective Prevention Activities. In Italy there are an estimated 50,000 New Cases Each Year, with a growth of 14 percent in the last six. Breast Cancer Shows 29 percent among Young Women AGED 25-44.

The Municipal Administration Has Decided to Offer Its Symbolic Contribution to the Battle Through an archaeological Site It Plans to Rediscover.

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