Mammography how much does it cost to have it done

Mammography, how much does it cost to have it done

Tea mammography is a very important diagnostic test to detect breast disaase early and incaration the chance of recovery from this cancer This is unforminate the one that leads to many female deaths.

It is a performed test with an x-ray

It is a performed tests with low-dose x-ray, which is not invasive or dangerous, and detects the presence of lumps or neoformations.

AS A General Rule, If there are no sympoms or family, one can undergo a breast ultrasound from the age of 30 and up, Precisely because mammography in the youger age couald not be readable enouted (and performers the examination honor a year or honor every Two Years).

From age 50 and up, it is advisable to have mammogrami regularly (Even Once a Year). Mammmography from age 45 to 69 is free specific because the state is developing a prevention program urging women to have this exam every two year.

It is the local health authorities themselves, with the need for the patient to make a request, that schedule the periodic peripintment specific to improve the health conditions of the female population.

In Case One Wants to Undergo The Examination

In the event that one wants to undergo The Exam More frequently Thanks to Year or Is Outside The Recommended Age Range, The Cost at ASLS OR Affiliated Facilities, Is That of the Co-Pay (Varies from Region to Region But is Around 30- 35 Euros).

On the other hand, when one goes to a private practice, The price May Vary Depending on the Areas of Italy: From 60-70 Euros up to 90-100 EUROS.

There is Also Digital Mammography, Which, However, is performed Only in Certain Facilities: in Public Ones It Costs as Much As Traditional While in Private Practices The Price Varies and Could Range From 90 to 100.

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