Fighting stress in dessert as therapy

Fighting stress: a dessert as therapy

AS Many People Know, The chocolate Is one of the monscopative natural antidepressants that exist in Nature. Neurotransmiters Such As the serotonin and endorphin, in fact, present in significant amauts in cocoa, act positively on emotions, influence mood and are an optimal solution to combat stress. Less Well Known, However, Are The Effects on Mood Exerted, in General, By Sugary Foods, Which Also Strongly Impact Individuals’ perceived stress, although they do not work as antidepressants.

An American Study

During 2015, a ‘team ofUniversity of Los Angeles conducted research on a sample of 2.379 GIRLS BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18 AND 19. The study used a series of questionnaires designed to analyze the relationship between perceived stress and foods used to couunter it. Cross-Examination of the Two Variants Showed That Girls Who Opt For A Diet Geared Toward the ‘Comfort Food’‘Exhibit Lower Levels of Stress, Highlighting How to Taste-Safying Diet is Also a Effective Tool for Managing Daily Anxieties.

Against stress but not depression

Carbohydrate-Rich, Fried and, in General, Foods Marked by Strong (and Usually More Caloric) Flavors Turned Out to be a Effective stress reliever, Reduce Their Anxiety Levels and Allew Them to Maintain a Moreive Mood Throughout The Day. On the Other Hand, Sweets Have No Antidepressant Effect, Proving Ineffective Against What, According to the World Health Organization, is the World &#8217S Fouth Leading Cause of Disability (and Could Become The Second By 2020).

Research with partial results

But Easy On the Cake Orders at home and the looting of bakeries: The American Study, in fact, used a Very Limited Focus, Analyzing Only The Female Gender and Only in the 18-Year-Old Age Group. Studies conducted in the Past Have Already Brought to Light Different evidence and not to be Exclude (Indeed, it sex plausible) that men do not perceive the Relationship Bethaeen Anxied and Food in the Same Way.

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