Night Cramps, What they depend on

Night Cramps, What they depend on

THE night cramps are involuntary muscle contracts that usualy affecto the Calf, Thigh and foot, temporaily immobilizing this part of the body. They Usually in fact affecto the muscles of the Lower Limbs, Lasting a few minutes and leading the Sufferer to Wake Up in The Middle Of The Night and Thus Not Getting a Good Rest.

Cramps and Mineral Salts

They eye bicause there is a low love of mineral salts in the body two to excessive swishing or dehydration that occurs expedally in Summer.

But if they become more frequet, they May Signal a Deficience or unbeat of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin d.

However, Cramps Are Not Only Indicators of These Deficientcies But Also Signal the presentce of Circulation Problems that can be More or Less Severe Such As Peripheral Atherosclerosis, Venous Thrombosis, Varicose Veins and Phlebitis, or Restless Legs Syndrome (i.and., an unacontrollable need to move the legs continuously).

Cramps Can Also Occhur When Taking Certain Medications (Such As Diuretics) or During Pregnancy Or in Elderly Individuals. In The Elderly, Cramps Are Caused by Shortening of Tenonds Or Strain On Muscles But Still, they can be an alarm of:

  • neurological disorders;
  • Liver Disease and toxin accumulation;
  • infections;
  • dehydration;
  • Use of Medications (diuretics, Statins, Raloxifen, Nifedipine).

They can also affecto people who play sports, but in this case the cramp will be two to muscle stress from Motor Overload.

How To Get Rid of Cramps at all Levels?

Mild Cramps can be resolved with massages that can be performed on their Own or with some tricks such as stretching the muscle as quarrel as possible at the time of acute pain, stretching the legs and footing the heel by pushing the toe upward.

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