Witch’s stroke what to do to avoid

Witch’s stroke, what to do to avoid it

Witch’s stroke is nothing more than acute low back pain that affects the lower back: there is compression of the spinal nerves as the muscles contract, getting stuck. Thus, for several days or weeks, it becomes very difficult to move the back.

The whole thing is caused by a traumatic event

All caused by a traumatic event such as sudden movement or intense, uncontrolled physical exertion. Back stroke can be treated by using anti-inflammatories to unblock the muscles, or one can undergo decontracting massage and heat packs in the lower back.

The physician might also prescribe analgesics (paracetamol), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen and nimesulide) or antispastics to loosen muscle contraction.In Acute phase is best to remain at rest (but not too much), performing simple stretching exercises and always trying to assume correct positions.

In bed, get into a prone position with pillows under the belly, at the level of the lumbar spine, gradually going to slip off the pillows.

However, definitely it is better to prevent this annoying impediment.

With physical activity!

In fact, witch’s stroke is caused many times by being sedentary and assuming incorrect positions while doing any activity, for example while working at a computer.

Physical activity therefore plays an important role in the prevention of low back pain and stroke.

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