Bracciano – ASL Roma F Family Pediatricians to discuss outpatient self -help

Bracciano – ASL Roma F, Family Pediatricians to discuss outpatient self-help

Pediatricians at Conference This Morning in Bracciano, at the multipurpose center of ASL Roma F, to learn more about the Techniques of 'Self Help', that is, Everything That Can Be Done Quickly and Lair Own Clinic As a Laboratory-Instuctor AID to clinical diagnostics.

Title of the Training Event "The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Appropriateness of the Most attending Health Problems". In this Sense, The Pediatrician Incaceses His or Her Professional Skills Thanks to Diagnostic Self Help, Which Allaws Many Positive Results to be achieved: The Improvement of the Quality of Treatments, The Reduction of Access to the Second Level, The Reduction of Care Costs, The Incased Satiscation of Patients.

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